Founded in 1883 in Venice, Monico is an Italian pharmaceutical company that specializes in the production of medicines for injection and infusions. Its ethical commitment to looking after people and the environment is a consolidated family tradition that goes back four generations. We produce a wide range of generic medicines, solutions for infusion therapies and for parenteral nutrition, and medical devices that are fundamental in the treatment of critically ill patients or in those affected by chronic illnesses.

Our use of modern technology that is in continuous development makes us an outstanding partner in the development of innovative projects. Our consultancy services are open to different kinds of collaboration, ranging from the commitment to devising solutions for specific needs to the creation of personalized medicines.

Our origins began in Venice in 1883 when the pharmacist Jacopo Monico decided to practice his trade in an established pharmacy called “del Pellegrino” in Campo San Lio.

The Art of Apothecaries was recognized in the Venetian Republic as early as the thirteenth century and Jacopo Monico revived this tradition of skillful preparations in his chemistry laboratory, where he produced outstanding formulae for exceptionally pure, water-based infusions, in transparent blown glass ampullae, thus combining the Galenic art with that of Venetian glassmakers.

These were amongst the first, original, sterile pharmaceutical solutions for injections in glass phials, which led to the family-run company’s current specialization and that today – with the use of the most avant-garde technologies – continues to expand and keep pace with the times.

Our drugs are produced in Venice, in a natural, protected environment, using appropriately high quality raw materials and with a preference for ampoules and bottles made of glass, as it is an inert, transparent material that can be recycled an infinite number of times.

Our mission includes our commitment towards people’s health – with research and application of advanced technologies to develop innovative projects, thus improving and personalizing both drugs and therapies with the efficient and responsible use of raw materials and energy. It also includes ethical rigor towards the environment, to reduce any waste, controlling production costs and guaranteeing the environmental and economic sustainability of the best treatments.

Monico drugs and medical devices are produced using modern, reliable technology.

Our production and commercial activity is carried out in accordance with the requirements laid out in Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) and by implementing the Quality and Environmental Management of the ISO 9001, ISO 13485 and ISO 14001 standards. To guarantee quality, safety and reproducibility, each stage of the manifacturing process – control, preparation, division and packaging of the drugs and medical devices – is examined, traced and archived. Each batch is accompanied by documentation testifying the controls carried out during the production and at the end of the process.

These numerous company processes, which are both necessary and functional for the development and marketing of drugs and medical devices, are managed by our qualified staff.

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