Should it be necessary to return one or more product, the item in question needs our verification and approval for any replacement or credit. We bear the shipping costs, unless the return is the result of a mistake during the order stage (of the article or the quantity).

For a return it is necessary to:

Request authorization by calling the company, at +39 041 26 96 911; unauthorized returns will be destroyed and the relative costs will be debited from the subject who sent them;

After having received our authorization, the product to be returned must be packaged correctly for shipping, in other words, in accordance with the GDP norms (Good Distribution Practices);

The product to be returned (including the original package) must be integral and have an expiry date that is not less than twelve months;

It must be sent to Monico spa, Via Ponte di Pietra 7, 30173 Venice Mestre;

The following documents must be included in the shipment, and correctly filled in:
· declaration of correct storage download the pdf
· return management form download the pdf